Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My faith is real.

It is who I am.

Everything about me is focused on Jesus Christ.

Just felt like making that known !!!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Last night I got to sing and lead 100+ kids in praising our Lord. So incredible. You gotta love em! All that joy - man, they were amazing!
God is good.
Wow. I serve a pretty big God, and He is doing some cool things in this humble girls life right now.

Have an awesome weekend guys !

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Here I am...

So here is where this girl has been at the past couple of weeks; really doing some deep soul searching.
Honest questions that have been going through my head and my heart:

1.Is this adoption Gods will for us? Did we go on just a whim?
2.Am I just wanting a cute Chinese baby to carry around on my hip and show everyone?
3.Can I really love a child that is not born of my own?
4.When I’m awakened at 2:00am will I be resentful??
…..just to name a few.
So I have been in Gods word ( the ultimate guidebook ! ) and in prayer.
As I think through some of these questions, here is where I’m at with them:

1.When I wonder if this is His will, sometimes I feel ashamed of myself. He has been faithful to us, and through this, all the way! How can I keep forgetting that?? One example; we needed to come up with a rather large payment and at the time thought that we would have to dip into a line of credit (btw; we strongly feel that we are not to go into debt with this adoption, to not take out a loan, as I just typed that I realized that we haven’t either, up to this point……thanks again, Lord!) instead, a dear friend approached me at church and told me that her and her husband had decided not to adopt and that they were given a grant and wanted to forward that grant to us. It was amazing, we only had to come up with $200 to make the entire payment…….
2.I do want people to know that we promote adoption. If that means then, that one of the ways to do that is by having a child that looks differently from us, then so be it. I’m still praying over this one….
3.For those of you that have adopted; tell me about the bonding process for you – is it love instantly? Or does it grow ?
4.This one too, makes me feel ashamed. How selfish of me. The teeny tiny bit of 'sacrifice' that I would have to 'endure' is nothing compared to having this child become part of our family, to be our daughter. My daughter.

My dear sweet amazing husband is quietly letting me go through this. He knows where I’m at. I know he’s praying.
Thanks sweetheart.
The other day he was mentioning something about when we get our daughter – he again emphasized the word to me: when.

I have made such incredible Christ centered friendships with this blog and through this adoption. I welcome not only your prayers but for your advice.
Amy in Germany, Rachelle and Mark, Stephanie, Amy W. – God has used each of you in my life (whether you realize it or not ! )
Thank you.
Please know that this isn’t a lack of trust, I don’t even consider this being fear – just honest questions that I’m asking my heart and my Heavenly Father.
I only want His will.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just a short, sweet and simple post to say;

I am so amazingly blessed.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Oh dudes......

Can ya feel it??!!

Are ya ready???!!!!?

Oh baby- this girl is in heaven ! We have always had dial-up service...yea, yea I know......lay off will ya? And yes, I DO own a cell phone, even an mp3 player too, okay? We're not that behind here in Oregon, alright? ;o)
I just can't get over this - I'm in a whole new world!
Check it out, I even watched a VIDEO .....yup. Not to mention it was an adoption video.
We no longer have to wait hours to play a game.
Amy in Germany - I can now view your amazing site without my computer burping you off!!!
(hey, that was funny)
Okay, and now are you all ready for the REALLY exciting part?? I can even sit on the couch and use my laptop.........I'm gettin the shakes now........I wish you could hear me, I am so stinkin excited!
and very easy to please, can ya tell?
I'll calm down now.
Hey all my awesome friends - have a blessed weekend!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day !

Monday, February 12, 2007

(Our daughter - one funny kid!)

We went to a function at our church, and there happened to be this man there who made balloon......whatever you want to call it.......things. They were pretty interesting.

Nothing to terribly exciting to talk about - how are you guys? Hey ! Let me know how I can pray for you - Nothing I love doing more!
Have a great Monday !

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Good morning !

I found this old article written by John Piper titled " A Challenge to Women " .
Wow. This is some really good meaty stuff.

Number one on his list is;
That all of your life—in whatever calling—be devoted to the glory of God.
Love it.
For me, I love to sign my name with " In it for His glory ". ' It ' to me, means everything. Everything I do. Everything I am - all to give God the glory.
Being the best wife I can be.
Being a mom to those 3 amazing little lives.
And all the other ins and outs of life -
All to Give Him Glory.
woo hoo yea baby rock on kick butt you go girl ! ( I'm my own cheerleader - hey Amy H. - still have your pom-poms??)

I'm not your average girl here (can you tell?) - I love being a wife. I love being a mom. I love homeschooling my children. I love all the things that our culture looks at with disgust:
- Stay at home mom.
- Submitting to my husbands lead..........okay - and I want to give my definition of the dreaded word submission - " Seeking to please the other persons heart " - that's it, not so scary.
- Following and serving Jesus Christ.

Here is #11 on John's list:
That you not assume that secular employment is a greater challenge or a better use of your life than the countless opportunities of service and witness in the home the neighborhood, the community, the church, and the world.......

That one is sure to cause some hate mail!
I could of worked. I could have continued on my education. I could of done so much to further my life, my agenda........
Really! As mothers, we have the most important job in the world. Do you realize that?? Satan doesn't want you to think that though. He wants you out there pursuing all sorts of other things...

Whew ! Whats gotten into this girl this morning? Besides too much coffee......(and the Holy Spirit!)

Dudes - your so cool and so important in your homes - don't let the enemy tell you different!
Now - go read what Johnny boy has to say!

I am so In it for His glory ~

Saturday, February 03, 2007

If you haven't seen this movie yet ( or let alone heard about it !) I would so highly recommend it. We purchased it yesterday without even seeing it first. Our whole family loved it, even our 3 year old!
Loved it.
Loved it.
Loved it !!!!!!
I found this review on it:
"The fact that it was made mostly by volunteer amateurs from Albany, Georgia's Sherwood Baptist Church-for $100,000-is a testimony to what people can do when they passionately believe in something. That alone makes this a truly "inspiring" film! The story focuses on Coach Grant Taylor (played by writer, director, and Sherwood associate pastor Alex Kendrick), whose Shiloh Christian Academy football team hasn't had a winning season in six years. After losing a star player to another team, things are looking down for the Shiloh Eagles, and school board members begin to consider showing Taylor the door. The coach is having a bad year for sure. He drives a beat up car, his house smells like something died, and worst of all-he and wife discover they can't have children of their own.
There is no sexual content or profanity, and violence is limited to football tackles. By the way, the football action looks great, thanks to one of the paid crew members, cinematographer Bob Scott. He's worked with the amazing NFL films as well as Friday Night Lights and many others. This is a very good film for the family-I actually think that's what this movie was made for. I can see families going out to eat after the movie and discussing some of the themes (trust in God, respecting your parents). The movie could truly have a positive impact on kids-as opposed to the mindless entertainment they are often subjected to. As the story unfolds, Taylor reaches a breaking point, and decides that all he can do is trust the Lord for guidance. He tells his team, "If we win, we praise Him and if we lose we praise Him". Most adults won't be too surprised where the films goes after that-however I think kids in the audience will be delighted-and maybe inspired-by the turn of events. As a Christian, I have seen God turn around impossible situations-so for me, I was thinking "yeah, God can do that". So does Giants show us that when the chips are down, all we have to do is pray and things change immediately? Alex Kendrick talks about this in an interview with Christianity Today: "That's always the first negative comment we get after our test screenings. I'm not a name-it-and-claim-it guy; I think God does allow us to struggle." However I understand where Kendrick is coming from when he goes on to say, "We ended up with our story for two reasons: Number one, we had seen it happen around us. And number two, it's a movie and we wanted people to leave inspired and encouraged." We had seen it happen around us. Giants is a reflection of that. If you're like me, you will "feel good" at the end of the movie. That's not a bad thing! Go see this movie-and take the kids. "

Friday, February 02, 2007

A big fat happy ***sigh***

With our lid being in February, I have been waiting for this stinkin little box to change!!
Very cool.