Sunday, January 14, 2007

Oh what a beautiful day.......

Now this one is really cool.

Are you all getting sick of my morning/evening pictures yet? I can't help it; we have the most amazing sunrises and sunsets here!

In the summer ( ahhhh summer....) I love to sit out on our front deck before anyone wakes up, with my coffee of course, and enjoy it all - the birds, the sunrise, the colors, the smells..........isn't God cool? That He would create all that, for my pleasure and delight !
Love it.
So - it's only Sunday morning and I have totally blown my no ( or at least less ) sugar rule for the weekend. **sigh**
Thats okay - I'm telling myself. I can do this.
Ugh. I need to go workout. Which means I better get myself off of here.
Enjoy the day !

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