Thursday, December 14, 2006

Oh what a beautiful morning.........

I love that song......some cowboy rides his horse singing it - I am SO embarrassed to say that I can't remember which cowboy?

I am such the morning person. I LOVE to be up before anyone else... no, I am not insane... I love it ! Another benefit to being up so early is that we have the most spectacular sunrises ( I took this picture on Dec. 4 - not April 12 !)
The picture does not do it justice - you'll just have to come over and have coffee with me and see it for yourself !!!!

Could I ask you guys to pray for something? There are 3 missing hikers on Mt Hood ( 30 miles from our home) who desperately need to be found today. They are forecasting horrible weather this afternoon and tonight; 65 mph wind here where we live - 80 mph + up where they think the climbers are. They've been missing for 5 days now. They actually picked up a cell phone "ping" last night at 11:00, there is still hope. Tomorrow they are saying more snow.....just a bad situation all the way around..........please pray for these men and their families.


Anonymous said...

So, when can I come over for coffee? next week? beatiful picture, kristy!! have a great week before christmas!
Hugs, Amy

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristy, I just want to say Merry Christmas to you! You are my best cheerleader! I hope we met in 2007. I will come to Oregon to get Sarahs US passport. Maybe you can meet me at the airport in Portland before I return to Germany? I will be sure to tell you when! A big hug to you sister!
- Amy Heymann