Thursday, November 30, 2006

So hows it going with you?

We are doing well.

Legos are the thing in our home. My kids will spend hours ( yes, hours ) making Lego creations. They crack me up because they always end up building houses, or neighborhoods. Always. It doesn't matter if we get them some cool creation like the coast guard station, or a car......they build it once and then it becomes a home or a village!
This was my sons version of the Nativity - notice baby Jesus' little head sticking up in the back........

I thought I'd show off this picture too! My husband was chosen to be on a special team through his work (I'll leave the details to another time) let's just say it was a pretty big deal. The kids wanted to email him this picture....

Their daddy is #1 in their book! And mine too, of course - those of you that know me know that full well!!
I am his number ONE fan. I will cheer that guy on till the day I am no longer able to.......and you know what? It makes all the difference in the world! He knows I think he rocks. It does something for your heart when you lift others up - it doesn't matter what I get in return.
I am fulfilled.
And one happy girl here folks !

All is well.

Hey ! Drop me a comment if your stopping by to check out the blog; I'm noticing that I'm getting a few ( I humbly say " a few " !!) visits on here daily. I would LOVE to ' meet' you!


Anonymous said...

I am proud of your man too! He has a very beautiful family! I love the little light village behind your kids. My dad has houses like that. It reminds me of Oregon. Write more about your family, and send more pictures. Thanks for your prayers! - Amy

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