Tuesday, November 21, 2006

No she's not ours...

Nope, we're not quite there yet !
But, Ooooooh my goodness, Miss Abby, you are about the most sweetest thing ever! Yesterday we went over to visit Abby ( oh yea, and her family ;o) and had the most pleasant time. I am so blessed to have this family in my life. I'm serious. I would be wandering around blindly in the adoption world if it were not for them! I am blessed to have a BTDT family just 15 minutes away to call upon !!
Okay - so Abby; I cannot begin to describe this little pumpkin. I'll steal A.'s words in saying she's a wonder ! Miss personality! It's like she's been with them all along.
It was so adorable; my man ( have I mentioned lately that he's the man?) had questions last night like " does she play?" or
"was she clingy to her mom the whole time?" - as we truly have no idea what to expect - I told him absolutely not ! She is the happiest, most adjusted baby ! God is so cool !

I don't remember where I found this ( if I stole it from your blog, my apologies) but I love it:

Natural child: any child who is not artificial.
Real parent: any parent who is not imaginary.
Your own child: any child who is not someone else's child.
Adopted child: a natural child, with a real parent, who is all my own.


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Anonymous said...

She is too cute! I love the little poem. Don't be surprised to see it on my site soon! I'll give you credit!
- Amy Heymann