Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy and Content

Thank you to sweet Amy in Germany; because of your suggestion, it got me to figure this out.....believe it or not - ALL ON MY OWN !!!

(even though I didn't go beta )

All is well.

Hey ! Check out her blog ~ www.catching-butterflies.blogspot.com it's one of my favorites ! (okay, now Amy you can tell me how to do the cool link thing where all they would of had to done is click " here" -instead of me typing our your address....) some day I'll figure it out.....!!

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Anonymous said...

That isn't so hard. When you are posting a story, All you need to do is select the word you want people to link off of (the word they need to click on to get the link for example click here).On this word Hit the control key, and then this chosen link word.You mustkeep holding the control key down at the same time as you hit the link word. Then above the posting page, there is a control panel. It is the same panel that has the little picture on it that you click on to add pictures. On my panel, it is the center symbol. If you click on this odd symbol, it will ask you to add the link. You must add the whole http://www.website,otherwise known as the URL.Then hit ok. That is all you need to do!
This is kind of the blind leading the blind!