Sunday, October 22, 2006


So I'm reading this other blog, and the author likes to coach(I can't stand it-I thought you coached a sport) people on the do's and don'ts of having your own home business. Okay, cool, I guess. Then they start going into annoying distractions that one might face on a day to day basis - the first thing on the list is: children.
The children that you are RESPONSIBLE for. Your babies. Your life.
Oh wait, I forgot - It's all about ME anyway, isn't it?
We are messed up.
Why does this burn me so ? It really, really does. And I'm thinking for now it might be best for me to not go on a rant here (even though I've already started!)
Deep breath.
I will leave you with something I live by:

You will never regret spending enough time with your children, but you will always regret not spending enough........


letsbefriends007 said...

yes advantages of home business is great . and everyone like to spend time with kids .. So if you can successfully manage to have home business its fine , otherwise get a job ... i personally think homebusiness takes years to establish and one should not leave job , until she becomes very confident about revenues of home business .

Anonymous said...

You said it!!!!!!!!! Preach it girl!!!!! I will back you 100% and then some.
your proud sis-tah - shelb-ee