Tuesday, October 17, 2006

2 months into homeschooling (8 months since lid today)

So, we have become an official homeschool family.


Never did I think it would be this awesome! I'm serious. Going into it; I knew that my attitude would determine a lot. Where my heart is at - I knew that I would have to give it my all, and of course totally rely on the Lord! I'm not in this alone, and I think that's one of the most awesome things about it all.
My goal might be different than some; I also have eternal purpose going on here, so instead of just being concerned with academics ( which are important ) I'm mainly focusing on their character, their spirituality - putting all I can into those amazing little lives! Anyone can raise 'good kids', I want to raise Godly kids.......... I'm not saying homeschooling is the only way to do this. Not at all, in fact - homeschooling is not for everyone, or every family. Believe me, I know!
I found the fit that works for us, and I'm very excited! We are so much more relaxed around here - oh man, that's worth it all too !!!!
Another cool thing; when the first day of school rolled around at the beginning of this year, I thought that I'd be all having this hard time. Not in the slightest. Again, thanks would be to my amazing God that I serve.
There is nothing like being exactly where He wants you.

Hey! This is a shout out to my "too-old-to-be-a-myspacer-friend"= girl, you need to get a blog !!!!! har har....

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