Thursday, August 17, 2006

Still counting !

So it's been now 6 months since our LID ( 'log in date' for those of my friends who don't speak adoption-ese ).
Maybe 6 more to go ? Maybe 12 ?
Yikes !!

Today the kids and I were in the grocery store when my daughter says " mom, look at that adorable Chinese girl". I think I speak for the majority of us adopting parents when I say that we can hardly stand it to not go up and ask questions whenever we see folks with a little 'china girl " ! I have actually had a bad experience once doing so, and therefore decided it might not be best to bother them. It just so happens that we used the same checkout line ( imagine that ) and it's one of those stores where you bag your own stuff. As we're both bagging I hear her call her daughter " mei mei'. I couldn't stand it anymore so then I very calmly tell her that we're adopting from China and......... I didn't have to say anymore- this sweet lady was all over me, excited, that is! We found out that we know some of the same people; one being our pediatrician, who is adopting- I wasn't even aware ! Shows you when the last time was that my kids were in to see the doctor.
Needless to say, we left the store not only with their phone # - but as friends.
Fun morning !!

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