Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Big News

Is this not the coolest picture?? This was our view from the deck of the house we stayed at last weekend. Just amazing. Not to mention private, which is cool.

Okay - now for the big news : one, we are officially on the Special Needs waiting list ! Very cool and very exciting ! I guess we'll see what God has in mind for our family. My 8 year old told me this morning that he thinks it makes more sense to get a special needs baby than a' regular' baby .....don't our kids blow us away sometimes? More sense? Wow. The fact that he has any opinion is cool ! He is my 'deeper' one, though.

The other is we have finally all decided on a name. Yes. This time it's a keeper. I promise. Her name will be : Ellie Grace ~ Now for those of you that know me and my last name, think about that for a second...............cute, huh? Yup, our little Ellie. Even my hubby liked it, in fact he pretty much chose it! What a guy, huh? ;o) He really is the man ! Speaking of, and getting off the subject - What an incredible man I have. Have I mentioned that much lately? I'm not kidding here guys ! I am so in love with this dude - he's all that and then some !! Who would of thought after almost 16 years of marriage? It gets better every year - thanks would be to our amazing God for that !! I am beyond blessed......

I guess thats all for now - to tell you about our little E.G.G. and my yummy husband ( sorry ;) and that we're thrilled to see what plans the Lord has for us in our adoption journey !

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