Friday, July 07, 2006

Way to go

My husbands new name for me is "grace" or should we say graceful ?!! Let me tell you why......

Three weeks ago I fell off ( not down, off !) the stairs to the loft in our barn. Of course I was alone - we live in a very rural area - so after I gathered myself and tried to move my leg over it was then that I noticed that my ankle was all contorted ( nasty!) I had dislocated it and could not move it at all. It was one of those situations that you hear about happening to someone else; no one around and my cries for help were unheard. I'm trying not to freak out ( which I was ) and figure out what to do. Trying not to pass out I did say a quick prayer that I didn't want to have surgery....goofy huh? Not sure why that was so pressing to me? Anyhow, I crawled over to the open barn door and kept yelling for help. My husband was on his tractor and couldn't hear me - now mind you, the time span from this happening and him seeing me wave my arms to him where he was up in the field was only like 5 or 6 minutes - but you know how that can feel !!
Thankfully he is a very calm, laid back kind of guy, but I could see in his face that it was bad. As he's asking me if he should call an ambulance or drive ourselves into the emergency room, I happened to turn my leg a different way and my ankle actually went back into place by itself! There was actually a noise to it....sorry, I'm sure I've grossed someone out by now. That's when the pain kicked in........
Long story short - I was told that I was extremely lucky ( I don't believe in "luck" !) to of have dislocated it without breaking it, and that the healing process will take some time......LONG time......great.
Let me tell you tho' - I'm determined to do all I can to get this movin' along ! I am walking with help and doing all the exercises and such.
Whew ! It's been quite a month but you know, God is good to me. In fact He's pretty amazing- this whole thing could have been so much worse........ did I mention what I was carrying when I fell? The cushions to our deck furniture. I fell quite a ways down onto our barns wood floor holding cushions !

Other excitement; my precious daughter turns 11 tomorrow ! We're having a house full of girls tonight......pray for me !!


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