Monday, July 17, 2006

5 Months

Today marks the date we were logged into the CCAA ( China Center for Adoption Affairs ) . Had everything continued at the rate referral's were going; we would of have been looking at our newest daughters face next month. Now mind you, I'm not typing this in some pity party mode. Not at all ! It's all completely out of my control, so what can you do? I know people get sick of hearing this - but I know there is a bigger picture going on here. It's not at all in our timing. My God ( who happens to be a pretty big God, have I mentioned that ? ;o) ) knows what He's doing !
No worries !

So the whole ankle thing ~ it's doing very well, thank you. Talk about a slow process tho' ! When I compare say, today to a week ago - then I see improvement. Otherwise, I still have pain and am still dealing with it being swollen. We're gettin' there !

Well, my littlest man just crawled out of bed and on to my lap ~ so I'm going to go and do " cuddles" with him ! ( but first I need to grab another cup of coffee !)

Enjoy today !

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