Sunday, June 04, 2006

Getting it

Our pastor talked about money this weekend during his message ~ he explained that it's not ours to begin with, it belongs to God. We're just his managers. There's true joy when we can truly get that. That we're not out there trying to impress people we don't know with all the "stuff" that we think we need to have. But it can be so hard, you know? We all want it, we've all got to have it. When I focus on eternal value - then the "stuff" doesn't seem so important anymore. It's learning true contentment and joy, no matter where we're at in life. I don't live in a huge fancy home, but I love it just the same, and wouldn't trade it for anything !!
I am blessed.
Have I mentioned that before? ;o)

So the kids only have 1 more day of school ( the date of this blog is wrong - I'm typing this on the 6th) and then we officially become a homeschooling family.....woo hoo! Even as I type that I'm secretly freakin out! I know it's what we're meant to do, I know that this has been put on my heart, I know it's best for our family...........okay Lord, I know , I know - it's remembering that whole trust issue !!!

As I take another sip ( chug ) of coffee and marvel at God's grace and goodness - here's to another great day !

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