Friday, June 09, 2006

Been sick lately?

I mean sick? I am just now recovering from strep-throat......STREP-THROAT !! I haven't had that since I was 10 !! My word. Let me tell you - it knocked me on my butt-ums !

Thank goodness for my kids and husband, they took such good care of me ! My doctor gave me this awesome 1 dose antibiotic - that rocked ! It stays in your system for 10 days, and you only have to take it once. Thank you Dr. Blome, your the best !

So the picture doesn't go at all with my post - but it is cool isn't it? Well, I guess it would be cool to you if you like plants. Speaking of plants, we need some sunny weather here in Oregon so I can get out in my yard- I'm having withdrawals.

On the adoption front, nothing is new. Everything is done on our part, so now we just wait on China. I can't even make a guess as to when we will get her picture ( we haven't even named our little peanut yet !) it's all good tho'. Lots ( and lot's and lot's) of well meaning people ask everyday how the adoption is going. I don't let it get to me; their hearts mean well, and they're just curious for us. Besides, I love talking about it even though we haven't a clue as to when well get her !

Life is wonderful, I'm getting better, I'm so in love with my Man, and my kids are healthy (pray that they don't get strep !). I'm an "up" person, can't ya tell ? I have a joy that I can't contain - and I don't want to! I serve a pretty amazing God- wanna talk about Him? Drop me a line !

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