Monday, May 22, 2006

So Why China.......?

We feel drawn to China.
My husband and I attended a concert where the artist really went into his passion on adoption in that country. ( he happens to be my all time fav- SCC !) It was something that never left us, we talked about it for over 3 years. We even became pregnant with our 3rd during that time. ( which in itself is truly a miracle because we had fertility problems in the past)
Adoption had never left our hearts and as we prayed about it, it became crystal clear that this was the direction that the Lord wanted us to go.
I have to say that God as been so faithful through this process. From providing the $$ up to this point- a friend out of the blue approaches me and tells me that her and her husband have decided not to adopt and they want to give us a grant they received ( it was $200 short of the payment that was due at that time!) to blessing us by all the incredible people we have met so far along the way. I even have such a deeper respect and appreciation towards my husband - this incredible Godly man is willing to open his heart, home ( and wallet !) to an orphan. But like the title of my blog states; it not only the most exciting thing we've ever done, but the scarriest. That's when your faith in God really gets you through. He longs for us to trust Him. He is in control. When all those fears try to creep their way in, I rest on Him. He put adoption on our hearts. How many times have we let fear rule over in our lives and missed out on the opportunity? We probably won't even know until we stand before Him! My husband likes to tell people the scenario of " what if I get to Heaven and God says look at all you missed out on when you decided not to adopt this child?"
We trust Him.
It's the best place to be !

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