Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Finding Joy in the wait

For us it's easy. Once again it goes back to our faith and our trust. God already has the perfect child picked for our family. I can see the " bigger picture" ~ we have more time to save $$ towards this adoption, it gives our youngest son, Luke time to get a little older ( who knows, right now he's the baby of the family- maybe the " baby" needs to be a little older for this huge adjustment !) It's remembering that God is in control of this whole entire situation !
What really hurts my heart is for the families that cannot have children for whatever reason, that they have to endure this wait. I cannot imagine. These precious couples being told they now have to wait even longer.......12-18 months??.......before they can hold their child in their arms. I pray that their strength would be in our Creator.
I do know that there will be time when we will look back on this whole experience and learn from it, and grow from it. For me, I see Gods faithfulness everyday.
I wish I could offer encouragement for each and every one of you that is heartbroken over the wait time. Even if just to sit and listen.
Our Heavenly Father really does long for us to trust Him. He is in complete control.
I rest in that - it is my source of complete Joy.

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