Wednesday, May 31, 2006

' Tis beautiful my friends

ah, the joys of dial-up! I am trying my hardest to post a picture of our (plant) nursery. It truly is amazing this time of year as the only type of stock we grow are all in bloom. I'm just wondering where the picture is at??!!
The other day our neighbor made the comment that when he looks out his window it's like he has his own personal bouquet- sweet man ! Gardening, plants and flowers are a passion of mine. I seem to not be able to get enough of it. I can go and spend way to much - and that's even with a discount ( I'm able to purchase at wholesale prices most of the time- woo hoo!)
Okay, the picture just now made it! Notice the rows of colors - this picture for one is way too small, and two doesn't do it justice. This is what I get to look out at of my front windows.......
so back to the spending to much- I'm really trying to be good. My awesome hunk of a man ( sorry, cheesy, I know - but true!) works hard for us and I am blessed to be able to stay at home. I feel I need to honor him by not blowing $$ on my every whim. Which I tend to do - I'm an awful impulse buyer. Not to mention that it honors God by me having self-control ( fruit).
We took an amazing class by Dave Ramsey called Financial Peace. It has literally changed my life ! I so highly recommend it.
So there you have it; nothing to exciting.....some plants and some money talk.......
it's a good thing I'm enjoying this blogging !

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What a difference a click makes

I happened upon 2 different websites, one after the other, today. The first one I looked at was a person who was very upset and angry with the wait times that we are all enduring right now. The very next site I came to was a couple who just yesterday for the first time held their new Chinese daughter in their arms. This couple has experienced the loss of not one but two of their birth children....................
I can relate with both ~ and yet which is easier; getting angry over everything or rising above it all and knowing that there is a plan in our lives going on moment by moment, day by day? I have to say that I am not at all judging anyone here - it's not my job. But doesn't it seem that we can make life much more enjoyable by choosing how we will react? Making that choice is not always easy, believe me I know ! Only by God's grace can I even try !
Hmmm.....I don't know, just my own random thoughts ~ MY blog, MY thoughts ~ ah, the beauty of this blogging !

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Finding Joy in the wait

For us it's easy. Once again it goes back to our faith and our trust. God already has the perfect child picked for our family. I can see the " bigger picture" ~ we have more time to save $$ towards this adoption, it gives our youngest son, Luke time to get a little older ( who knows, right now he's the baby of the family- maybe the " baby" needs to be a little older for this huge adjustment !) It's remembering that God is in control of this whole entire situation !
What really hurts my heart is for the families that cannot have children for whatever reason, that they have to endure this wait. I cannot imagine. These precious couples being told they now have to wait even longer.......12-18 months??.......before they can hold their child in their arms. I pray that their strength would be in our Creator.
I do know that there will be time when we will look back on this whole experience and learn from it, and grow from it. For me, I see Gods faithfulness everyday.
I wish I could offer encouragement for each and every one of you that is heartbroken over the wait time. Even if just to sit and listen.
Our Heavenly Father really does long for us to trust Him. He is in complete control.
I rest in that - it is my source of complete Joy.

Monday, May 22, 2006

So Why China.......?

We feel drawn to China.
My husband and I attended a concert where the artist really went into his passion on adoption in that country. ( he happens to be my all time fav- SCC !) It was something that never left us, we talked about it for over 3 years. We even became pregnant with our 3rd during that time. ( which in itself is truly a miracle because we had fertility problems in the past)
Adoption had never left our hearts and as we prayed about it, it became crystal clear that this was the direction that the Lord wanted us to go.
I have to say that God as been so faithful through this process. From providing the $$ up to this point- a friend out of the blue approaches me and tells me that her and her husband have decided not to adopt and they want to give us a grant they received ( it was $200 short of the payment that was due at that time!) to blessing us by all the incredible people we have met so far along the way. I even have such a deeper respect and appreciation towards my husband - this incredible Godly man is willing to open his heart, home ( and wallet !) to an orphan. But like the title of my blog states; it not only the most exciting thing we've ever done, but the scarriest. That's when your faith in God really gets you through. He longs for us to trust Him. He is in control. When all those fears try to creep their way in, I rest on Him. He put adoption on our hearts. How many times have we let fear rule over in our lives and missed out on the opportunity? We probably won't even know until we stand before Him! My husband likes to tell people the scenario of " what if I get to Heaven and God says look at all you missed out on when you decided not to adopt this child?"
We trust Him.
It's the best place to be !

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I Love Reading Blogs......

But I don't think you would say I'm hopelessly addicted to them! I really enjoy adoption blogs and so here I go into the land of cyberspace to start one of my own.